Statements on Plaque Bridge

Mr. Stedes also expressed his belief that a solution would also be found for the problem that arose with the continuation of the activities of the leisure companies that have the field of Arachthos. The issue has already been discussed in the Monitoring Committee and has already been submitted to the Scientific Committee, which together with the supervising department of the Ministry of Infrastructure, the contractor and the companies will try to find a way so that, even at times during the day, it is possible to cross the floating means through the construction site. "Activities in Arachthos are interwoven with the tourist development of the region in general, not just of Tzoumerka. It is our duty to be able to facilitate them, "said the Mayor of North Tzoumerka, referring to the launching of the project for the construction of a ramp for launching rafting boats in the river and stairs for the safe descent of the participants in the activity, on the Politsa bridge, where is the starting point. Strengthening sports activities is a general objective of the North Tzoumerka municipal authority, which, as Mr. Stedelis has said, is studying and building a downhill bike track from Strongoula to Pramanta, and also supports a private initiative for beach construction volley in Katsanochoria.
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