2nd Syrrako Trail Run - “Race to Freedom” on July 8, 2018

The Syrrako Mountain Organizing Committee, co-organizers of the Municipality of North Tzoumerka, Syrrakos Tourist Enterprises, Syrraku Mountain Club (ORF) and the Ioannina Runners Club, organizes the 2nd Syrrako Trail Run, . The race will take place on Sunday 8 July 2018 on the route named "Race to Freedom", "Fight for Freedom". The date of the event is a day of remembrance for the destruction of Syracuse and the violent uprooting of thousands of its inhabitants from the ancestral homes during the revolt against the Turkish yoke in July 1821. The road race will take place on the paths of the Chrusia gorge, between the two historic villages of Syrrakou and Kalarrytes and will pass the forest of "Pantza", just where our ancestors fought, fought and then saved and saved our genes in the summer of 1821. It is a struggle that aims to connect history with the environment and culture with the athletic ideal.

Running rules:

PERFORMANCE DATE : Sunday, July 8, 2018.

STARTING - TERMINATION: Starting at 09:30 at Syracuse's main square and finishing will be in the same place.

SECRETARIAT: The race secretariat will be in the starting place and participants will be able to receive their entry number on Sunday 08-07-2018 from 07:45 am. until 09:00 am There they can put in closed bags in a sheltered place of volunteers, the clothes they will need to change after their termination.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION : Technical update of the race will take place in the secretariat at 9:15 am

PARTICIPATION RIGHTS : Contestants must have completed their 18th birthday. Runners under the age of 18 will be able to participate only with a responsible statement from their guardian.

REGISTRATIONS - PARTICIPATION COST : Entries will be made via the registration process on the registration form:
Registration can be made at the Registry of the match up to half an hour before it starts, if the required number of entries has not been completed. The maximum number of athletes is set to 300 and the order of priority will be met. Registration will be updated with the cost of participation.

Participation in the match is 7 euros to be paid into a bank account. ACCOUNTING ELEMENTS: ALPHA BANK, IBAN: GR 81 0140 4000 4000 0210 1383 654.

BENEFICIARIES: Vaitsis Georgios, Ntontoros Vasilios.

Any bank charges resulting from the transaction (eg money transfer) will be paid by the participant. Interested parties can apply for clarifications at 6977034517 (Ntontoros Vasilis) and 6946424324 (Vaitsis Giorgos).

IOANNINA BUS TRANSPORT : For those athletes who want it, there will be a possibility to go to Syracuse by bus which will depart at 6:45 am. July 8th by the Governor of the Region of Epirus (Dodoni Avenue, Ioannina). The cost of transition and return for athletes will be 4 euros. To go by bus for escorts and family members of athletes, in consultation with the organizers (Dondoros Vasilis-tel. 6977034517).

DISTANCE : 11,080 m (the route includes 1,800 m of asphalt road, 950 m of paved path within the settlements, 3,330 m of dirt road in forest, 5,000 m of dirt road gorge of Chrousia). HIGH DIMENSION: +746 meters
TIME LIMITATIONS: Timing stops, 3 hours after the race starts.


• Women (general ranking) • Women (general)
• Women Men (18-29) • Men-Women (30-39) Men-Women (40 +)

BENEFITS: After the finish, the winners will be awarded. Medals will be awarded to all runners and special prizes will be awarded. A technical T-shirt (extremely beautiful for riding or training) along with sandwiches and water will be given to all athletes when finishing in special sachets while the organizers will have prepared a rich buffet with many dishes and drinks for all attendees. < / p>

TIMING: Individuals will be given electronic timing chips. Timing will be done by an electronic timing company.

MOVEMENT TO THE PATTERN : Athletes are required to move on the path without forming teams that stretch in width, thus preventing athletes who want to overtake them. When an athlete is notified that he has to do aside to overcome, he must in any case respect his athlete.

1. Quasias Bridge (5 km)
2. Kalarites (8 km / h)

CONTROL POINTS : There will be checkpoints along the route. Athletes are obliged to have their number clearly visible so that they can be registered by the judges. Declining the number means blocking.

PROPOSALS: Objections for any reason are made only by the athlete himself, no later than 30 minutes after termination. The decision of the protest committee, made up of the technical director of the race, the members of the technical committee and the station managers in the area of ​​responsibility of which the event was recorded, shall be issued no later than the time of the award and shall be final.

SAFETY: The organization undertakes to oversee the race's course with specialized staff on security, rescue and medical assistance to athletes in need. In cases where security staff and judges indicate to athletes that they need to change direction for safety reasons, athletes are obliged to obey. Denial of compliance means exclusion. There will be medical care by qualified staff to deal with the problems of athletes. If the physician of the race notices that an athlete is in a poor condition and is unable to continue, then the athlete is required to deliver his number and follow the instructions.

TRAVEL AMENDMENT - MOVEMENT : In extreme weather conditions, the event reserves the right to modify the route or to postpone the start of the race for a short or longer period, integrity of athletes.

PENALTIES : All of the following violations result in the exclusion penalty: Non-appearance or alteration of entry number, throwing away, interfering with another athlete or unsportsmanlike behavior, non-compliance with referee instructions, rudeness - the organizing committee, judges, volunteers, etc., not being present at a control station, denial of examination by an organization's physician if this is deemed necessary at any time during the race.

DISCLAIMER : The organization is not responsible for the death, injury or any harm to the health of competitors, who make a request to participate, state that they are aware of the dangers in the mountain environment and certify that their state of health is good and allows them to fight, and they have recently been examined by a doctor. Athletes themselves are required to regularly take medical precautions to check their health status. Also the organizer disclaims any responsibility for destruction, theft, loss, etc. of the personal property of the participants. Participants will not have the right to turn against the organizer for any disaster that may be caused to their equipment or vehicle.

AMENDMENT OF REGULATIONS : The organizers reserve the right to amend the rules for the match. In any case, changes to the match will be posted on the online page of the event.

OTHER REMARKS : It is strictly forbidden to drop any object along the route. At each feeder station there is a special plastic waste bag. Dropping packing materials at any point in the route beyond the predefined, results in the athlete's exclusion penalty. The shortening of the route is forbidden and is punishable by blocking. Each competitor has the responsibility and is required to carefully monitor the right direction warning signals. All participants are obliged to fully respect the regulations described above and to obey any suggestions from the match judges. Failure to comply with the rules or recommendations of the judges will result in the penalty of exclusion. Any other person authorized by the organization has the ability to record also any violation come to his notice and submit it for consideration to the Match Committee.

CONDITION OF PARTICIPATION : A prerequisite for participating in a race is during the registration process to declare responsibly that he has learned of the rules of the match and that he or she accepts them completely and unconditionally. Registration will be updated with the cost of participation.

AFTER THE RACE : The organizers will have taken care of athletes, escorts and volunteers free of charge. There will be events with music, prize draws and other surprises.


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